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Hue Rag Bag

Hue Rag Bag

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Brighten Your Cleaning Routine: Discover the Hue Rag Bag, expertly designed to meet the dynamic needs of professional housekeepers. This utility tote not only offers superb organization and durability but also features an easily washable fabric, perfect for maintaining hygiene and freshness in your daily tasks.

Key Features:

Washable Fabric: Constructed from high-quality fabric that's fully washable, the Hue Rag Bag ensures easy cleaning and maintenance. Now, keeping your tote bag as clean as the spaces you tidy is simpler than ever.

Spacious Interior: The bag's large central compartment is perfect for storing a variety of rags and microfiber cloths, with an easy-to-clean lining to protect against any soiled or damp items.

Convenient Access Pockets: Multiple external pockets are thoughtfully designed for storing additional cleaning supplies, such as gloves and spray bottles, allowing for quick and efficient access during your cleaning rounds.

Ergonomic Comfort: Featuring sturdy, reinforced handles, the bag is comfortable to carry, reducing strain on your hands and shoulders, a crucial feature for those long cleaning sessions.

Hygienic and Fresh: The fabric of the Hue Rag Bag includes antimicrobial properties, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and controlling odors, ensuring a hygienic storage solution for your cleaning essentials.

Multi-Purpose Use: Ideal for housekeepers and janitorial staff, this versatile bag is also perfect for anyone looking for an organized approach to cleaning tasks at home or in the office.

Colorful and Professional: Choose from a variety of vibrant colors to add a splash of personality to your professional gear.


Material: High-quality, washable fabric with antimicrobial properties

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A Must-Have for Cleaning Professionals: The Hue Rag Bag isn't just a practical tool for carrying cleaning supplies - it's a stylish, hygienic, and convenient solution that keeps pace with the demands of professional housekeeping.

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